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1990 : Prost gone at Ferrari, Senna was now in control at McLaren, joined by ex-Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger who was a bit borred after three years at the Scuderia. This situation leds Fiorio to sign Mansell for one more year and try to get Ayrton for 1991 with Prost.

You are now probably asking yourself if getting Senna and Prost again together in the same team is really a good idea, but Fiorio was not affraid : "Despite everything that was being said about this infernal duo, I was sure we could get them to work with good relationship or at least in a positive rivalry. The latin way of doing things would have worked better than the anglo-saxon one. More than that, I have always believed that a team would be better with two champions than if we only had one with a second useless driver. I was ready to take risks for that politic and to handle inner rivalry. Better have too much problems than not enough and better these problems in the team than against the team".

Ferrari back at his best since a decade with Prost and Mansell (Six victories that year), Fiorio still wanted to have Senna for 91 and 92 : "Ayrton wanted to drive for Ferrari, I could feel his desire and mine".

In 1990 the balance of power between Ferrari and McLaren stabilized and if Senna won the first race of the season in Phoenix, Prost and Ferrari won the second in Brazil on Senna's soil. It was at this occasion that Fiorio approached Senna again : "Ayrton had send a car to catch me at the hotel Transamerica in Sao Paulo. I went by his house and spend the whole day, from 9 in the morning to 7 PM to write the bases of an agreement. We were just the two of us. From time to time, his father Milton or his sister Viviane went by to see if we needed something. We talked about working ethic and methods within the Scuderia and all the things that I wanted to change for better results".

Senna and Fiorio wrote the basis of a contract for Ayrton to drive for Ferrari in 1991 and 1992
Ayrton and Cesare left each other full of hope and decide to meet again in the near future. The near future is the thursday before the French GP taking place on the Paul Ricard Circuit july 8th in Le Castellet : "On that day I flew up to Nice with Ferrari's private jet and from then I went to Ayrton's place in Monaco. It was at the Houston Palace, AV. Princesse Grâce. That day was a real turning point for both of us".
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