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Dorotheum’s upcoming auction

Dorotheum’s upcoming auction

If you’re trying to collect ‘em all, and you’ve got all but the least well-known and most under-appreciated rides in your collection, then be sure to mark Dorotheum’s upcoming auction at Classic Expo Salzburg on October 16th in your diary!

Dorotheum’s Classic Cars at Classic Expo Salzburg auction on October 16th will have even the most jaded of automotive enthusiasts perking up and phoning their account managers, as practically every car going under the hammer is worthy of the spotlight. Take this 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster with just under 4,000 km on the clock. Also from 1989 is the double-take-inducing 190E EVO 1, perhaps the connoisseur’s choice of the 190E trio. However, if you just want to cause widespread confusion and adoration in equal proportion at your next car meet, then nothing will have quite the same effect as the delightful 1958 Porsche tractor, which coincidentally would match perfectly with the Speedster above. There’s plenty more to daydream about until the 16th, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 cars we’d love to take home below. 


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