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James Bond “Goldfinger” Aston Martin DB5

James Bond “Goldfinger” Aston Martin DB5

When Aston Martin announced in 2018 that they would be bringing their most famous model back into limited production for the first time in over 55 years, the world’s motoring media almost exploded with excitement.

Adding to this excitement was the fact that these 25 official continuation cars were being built in direct collaboration with Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions as functional James Bond cars, with the gizmos and gadgets from the 007 film Goldfinger.

Fast Facts – The “Goldfinger” Aston Martin DB5

  • The Aston Martin DB5 from the film “Goldfinger”, with all of its secret modifications by Q Branch, is undoubtably one of the most famous cars in cinematic history.
  • The DB5 was a brand new production model in 1964 when the film was released, it led to a decades long affinity between the James Bond movie franchise and Aston Martin that continues to this day.
  • The Q Branch DB5 featured a range of offensive and defensive upgrades including machine guns, battering rams, a passenger ejector seat, a spinning tire slasher, a bulletproof rear shield, rotating license plates, a smoke screen, and an oil slick sprayer.
  • In 2018 Aston Martin announced a partnership with EON Productions to bring the DB5 back into production with the Q Branch 007 upgrades, each car cost £3.3 million pounds and just 25 were made.

Bringing Back The James Bond DB5

When the Aston Martin DB5 ceased production in 1965 it’s unlikely that anyone could have predicted that over 55 years later it would return to limited production, for just 25 additional units.

Above Video: Sean Connery as James Bond, being introduced to the original Q Branch Aston Martin DB5 in the film “Goldfinger.”


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