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Mythical Ferrari unicorns

Mythical Ferrari unicorns

If you asked us to name the most iconic, myth-enshrouded racing Ferraris of all time, we would certainly mention the Ferrari Dino 206S and SP, 330 GTO, as well as the Ferrari 512M. This weekend, all of these unicorns will make an appearance at the Passione Engadina in St Moritz.

Celebrating the highlights of Italian car culture in the spectacular setting of the Swiss Alps around St Moritz, the Passione Engadina is considered one of the finest regularity rallies in Europe. This year, the event is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary with another spectacular line-up of Italian sports and racing cars. Besides the rally around the Engadine mountains and a race on the runway at Samedan Airport, the most elegant cars will be awarded during a Concours judged, among others, design master Lorenzo Ramaciotti and our very own CEO, J. Philip Rathgen. This year’s brand of honour is Ferrari – and together with Ferrari specialist Niki Hasler, organizer Paolo Spalluto and the team behind the Passione Engadina has managed to attract some of the most iconic cars that ever raced in the sign of the prancing horse to star at their anniversary event from 27 to 29 August 2021. 

The day before the show, Fabrizio D'Aloisio and Katie Terpsma took the three unicorns out for a ride around town, warming up the Dinos with an aperitivo and cooling down the racing V12s of the Ferrari 512 M during a nightcap at Kulm Country Club.



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