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porsche 356 split Window

porsche 356 split Window

Everyone knows what the 356 is, so I won’t bore you with a repetition of its history, or any Beetle jokes, but you might not know that the 356 actually had many different series during its lifetime, and this predates all of them, in fact it is one of the first 1000 Porsches, making it incredibly rare. This 1951 356 for sale with Bastian Voigt is what’s known as a “pre-A”, and as such it’s missing a few things that would eventually be found on all Porsches. The first, and perhaps the most surprising, is the absence of the Porsche Crest, which wouldn’t be designed until 1952. The second, more noticeable missing element is a curved windscreen, which was basically the stuff of witchcraft in the early 50s and therefore far too expensive to put on a car. As such, a two-part windscreen made of Sekurit glass with a centre bar was fitted, lending these early Porkers the “Split Window” nickname.

However, while this 356 may be old, it certainly doesn’t look it, having benefitted from an extensive restoration by ACR in Italy. As part of its reconditioning, this example was completely dismantled and all corrosion was removed. Every last bit of chrome was refinished and chrome-plated, while the electrical and mechanical systems were overhauled, which brings us to the best part: the colour. While the body was repainted during the restoration, this delightful shade is the original colour. It’s called Radium Green, and someone needs to make it a legal requirement to paint all cars this colour, but for now it’s made even better by the refurbished tan and creme interior. 

With its 1.3-litre 4-cylinder boxer engine producing a meek 44hp, this 356 isn’t going to win quarter-mile drag races, but it has already won the hearts of everyone in the CD office. So, if you have eyes with which to appreciate this light green gem, and a wallet big enough to pay for it, I’m afraid you only have one option: buy it!

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