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SCHUMACHER: Netflix revelations 1

SCHUMACHER: Netflix revelations 1

It was 1991 when Michael Schumacher burst into F1’s collective conscience with his startling debut performance at the Belgian Grand Prix. Thirty years on, Netflix’s SCHUMACHER documentary charts the story of the German’s rise to becoming a seven-time Formula 1 world champion, and relives the 2013 skiing accident that would ultimately turn his, and his family’s, lives upside down. Here are eight things we learned from SCHUMACHER, released on Netflix today.

1. Schumacher liked to party

Michael Schumacher the racing driver could come across as unfeeling, bordering on robotic, in the way he approached his craft. But the film helps dispel any idea that Schumacher was a killjoy away from the racetrack.

Schumacher’s wife Corinna relates in the film how Schumacher was always “the first to arrive and the last to leave” any party he attended, while admitting that her husband had a penchant for throwing his friends in swimming pools – with video evidence to support the claim...


That bon vivantism is also backed up by former McLaren driver David Coulthard who, despite falling out with Schumacher after their infamous 1998 Belgian Grand Prix crash – also dealt with in the film – reveals that, when he wasn’t in race mode, Schumacher and he spent many evenings enjoying “Bacardi-Coke”, smoking cigars and singing karaoke.

Schumacher’s favourite karaoke song? My Way. Of course…



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