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SCHUMACHER: Netflix revelations 2

SCHUMACHER: Netflix revelations 2

2. Schumacher used to race on salvaged kart tyres

What SCHUMACHER makes abundantly clear is that, although the German would come to be one of the world’s highest earning sports stars, he most certainly did not come from money. The Schumachers’ slightly shabby provincial restaurant next to father Rolf’s kart track in Kerpen is shown at one point, with Frau Schumacher seen pouring frothy pints of pilsner for the local clientele.

But the level of the family’s straitened means really hits home with the revelation that the young Michael used to fish the worn tyres of his better-heeled karting opponents out of the bin and fit them to his own kart.

Later on in the film, an emotional Rolf talks movingly of his son receiving his first professional contract from eventual manager Willi Weber, the young Schumacher going from “not even having 500 [Deutsch] marks” to 2,000 marks a month, a car and a five-year contract with Weber.



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