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SCHUMACHER: Netflix revelations 4

SCHUMACHER: Netflix revelations 4

4. Schumacher became a regenmeister from racing in the wet on slicks

Schumacher will forever be known as one of F1’s great wet weather drivers (his first win for Ferrari – below – a case in point). And growing up next to his father’s kart track clearly played a crucial part in the formation of that prowess, with brother Ralf – who himself would win six Grands Prix in his own F1 career – revealing that, as kids, he and Michael “only drove on slicks in the rain”.

The film also reveals how Schumacher first raced his great F1 opponent Mika Hakkinen at Kerpen back in 1983, when the pair were just two karting hopefuls, Hakkinen recounting the instant impression that the speed and clinical driving style of the “incredible” Schumacher – then racing under the Luxembourg flag – had made on him.

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