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SCHUMACHER: Netflix revelations 6

SCHUMACHER: Netflix revelations 6

6. The seven-time was naturally shy, racked with self-doubt and suspicious

Corinna Schumacher and others in the film contest that, away from his cocksure public image, Schumacher was a shy, self-doubting and naturally suspicious man.

In the film, we’re shown how Schumacher got over the loss of the 1997 championship and his disqualification from that year’s results – having driven into title rival Jacques Villeneuve in the Jerez finale – by taking a six-week skiing holiday in Norway, with home videos showing a relaxed Schumacher setting off a firework from his own lit cigarette.

But Corinna Schumacher also reveals that her husband approached the first tests of 1998 questioning whether he still had what it took to compete in F1.

She adds that Schumacher was “always very suspicious” when meeting new people, but that if he opened up to someone, he would do it “100%”. Schumacher’s former boss Jean Todt, meanwhile, claims in the film that the air of aloofness that formed part of Schumacher’s public persona was adopted by the German as a coping mechanism for his natural shyness.



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