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SCHUMACHER: Netflix revelations 7

SCHUMACHER: Netflix revelations 7

7. Schumacher nearly chose skydiving over skiing in December 2013

Of course, practically every viewer will know that the SCHUMACHER story comes with a tragic coda. But the film also reveals how close Schumacher’s life-altering skiing accident came to not happening at all.

The seven-time champion’s adrenaline junkie credentials – especially in the periods where he searched for a high to replace the thrill of driving an F1 car – are firmly established in the film, with one home video showing Schumacher skydiving over Dubai with his wife.

But it was while on his fateful Meribel skiing trip in 2013 that Schumacher, having told his family that the snow was “not optimal”, proposed they fly instead to Dubai to go skydiving. Ultimately, though, Schumacher would opt to stay in Meribel and make the best of it. And the rest is history.



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